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Online prostitutes are easy to find, if you know a few basics.

Prostitution online has been booming, as more women learn more about the possibility for big bucks from selling sex online.

It's no longer just the experienced, seasoned, prostitutes who are selling. Today, there are part-timers, sometimes mothers, or wives, or college girls, or college graduates working to pay off that student loan.

Indeed, student loans may have done more than anything else to increase the availability of prostitution online. The bad economy, lack of job opportunities, and the relative ease of becoming an online prostitute means more college girls than ever are turning to prostitution online to earn the money they need to pay off those student loans. Once they learn about the chance to earn big bucks, they may continue to work as online prostitutes ("escorts").

However, it's important for cllients of online prostitutes to remember that not all prostitutes are created equal. There have been reports of robberies, muggings, theft and deception.

Finding a prostitute online requires caution. There are places to go and places to avoid. And as with anything, the quality may vary according to price. However, a higher price does not always guarantee a better value.

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